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¡@ Education Reform
Introduction to the New Education System of 3+3+4
To cope with the challenges of the 21st Century and the demand of Hong Kong's rapidly developing knowledge-based society, the EMB need to effectively prepare our next generation. Therefore, the EMB developed a new senior secondary and university system that is of international standard and to give every student access to three years of senior secondary education.
Proposed New Senior Secondary Subjects
Core subjects:
- Chinese Language
- English Language
- Mathematics (core + 2 extensions)
- Liberal Studies

Elective subjects:
- Chinese Literature
- Literature in English
- Chinese History
- Economics
- Ethics and Religious Studies
- Geography
- History
- Tourism and Hospitality Studies
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Physics
- Science
- Business, Accounting and Financial Studies
- Design and Applied Technology
- Health Management and Social Care
- Home Economics
- Information and Communication Technology
- Music
- Visual Arts
- Physical Education

In the New Senior Secondary curriculum, courses in career-oriented studies are provided to offer choices and diversity to meet the different needs, aptitudes and interests of students. Courses may be offered in the following areas:

- Business (such as Logistics Fundamentals)
- Arts and Media (such as Multimedia Game Design)
- Design (such as Fundamental Fashion and Image Design)
- Services (such as Beauty Therapy)
- Performing Arts (such as Carnival Entertainer Training)
- Information Technology (such as Computer Networking)
- Engineering (such as Fundamental Vehicle Servicing)
- Food and Production (such as Fundamental Western Food Preparation)
- Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality (such as Introduction to Leisure and Tourism Studies)

Time For Implementation

A minimum lead time of 4 years is necessary for implementation. Assuming that the new senior secondary one level will be implemented in September 2008.

- Consultation on curriculum aims and design of subjects

- Finalize curriculum aims and design for all subjects
- Start writing textbooks and developing learning/teaching resources
- Specific university admission criteria to schools
- Develop New Senior Secondary 3 (i.e. Secondary 6) public examination
- Professional development programmes for teachers and principals

- Completion of Curriculum and Assessment Guides for all subjects
- Professional development programmes for teachers and principals

- Examination Handbook to schools in Aug
- Professional development programmes for teachers and principals

- First cohort of new senior Secondary 1 (i.e. Secondary 4) students in Sept. (Entry to 4-year first degree at university in Sept 2011)
- Recommended textbooks available to schools by Feb
- Learning/teaching resources available
- Professional development programmes for teachers and principals

Funding Arrangement

The EMB hope that the entire community can take ownership in reforming the academic structure so that it becomes a reality. The EMB estimate that the total non-recurrent cost of the new academic system will be about $6.7 billion, which covers curriculum development, professional development of teacher, additional construction of university complexes and facilities, and increase in the number of classes during the transitional period. As the overall secondary student decline is expected to become obvious from 2008/09 school year and onwards,the EMB anticipate that the existing facilities in school will be able to cope with the extra demand arising form the additional classes of senior secondary students. Thereforethe EMB propose that the Government should maintain the policy of recovering 18% of the cost from the school fee of senior secondary.

With the change to 4-year degree programmes, the recurrent cost per annum for undergraduate programme is estimated to increase by 1.8 billion. The EMB would like to seek feedback from the public as to whether the university tuition fee should be similarly increased to cover part of the cost incurred. At present the university tuition fee is $42,100 per annum. It should be noted that the government would continue to provide financial assistance to student in need.

Contact and Feedback
The Education and Manpower Bureau is now seeking feedback from the community on the design blueprint, time for implementation and financial arrangement of the reform on the academic structure of the new senior secondary and higher education as they would like to gather views and suggestions to make the best arrangement for our next generation.

Please send the EMB of your views or suggestions by e-mail, fax or post on or before 19 January 2005.

Contact Methods


2573 5299 / 2575 4318

Council and Secondary Section
Curriculum Development Institute
Education and Manpower Bureau
13/F, Wu Chung House
213 Queen¡¦s Road East
Wanchai, Hong Kong

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