School Holiday
There would be a school holiday on 19 Sept 2005 (Day following Mid-Autumn Festival).
School Opening Mass
The School Opening Mass would be held on Friday, 30 Sept 2005.
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    New Design of Green And White Online
    (13 Sept) The new design of the School's Official Homepage, Green And White Online ( would be launching soon. Please stay tuned!
    Student ID Card Photo Taking
    (12 Sept) Students would have their Student Identity Card photo taken within this week. Please ensure that Long Sleeved Shirt and School Tie should be worn on the day/period specified by the form teacher.
    Self-Reading Lesson Guidelines for Students
    (1 Sept) Guidelines for students(.doc)
is available for download.
    Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination Analysis

The analysis report are located here

    Guidelines for issuing transcript and recommendation letter during school holidays

Holiday guidelines for school
are now available for download.

    SJC F.6 Admission 2005

Form 6 Admission Information
is now available.

    SJC Final Exam (F.1-3)- June 2005

Form 1 Assessment & Test Syllabus (.doc)
Form 2 Assessment & Test Syllabus (.doc)
Form 3 Assessment & Test Syllabus (.doc)
Form 4 Assessment & Test Syllabus (.doc)

are now available for download.

    SJC Annual School Plan & School Development Plan

(28 Oct) Official Plans of the School Authority

School Development Plan 2003/04 - 2005/06 (.doc)
Annual School Plan 2004 - 2005 (.doc)
Use of Capacity Enhancement Grant 2004 - 2005 (.doc)

are now available for download.

    School Calendar & School Profile

School Calendar 2005-2006 (.doc)
School Profile 2005-2006 (.doc)

are now available for download.

    School Report

School Report 2004-2005 (.xls)

are now available for download.

    Details about Block Insurance
    (1 Sep) For more details about Block Insurance, please go to in Circulars.
    Details about F.1 Discretionary Places Application
    (21 Oct) For more details about Discretionary Places Application, please go to .
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