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@ Top Boys
@ final Examination (2003-2004)

Form 1

Rank Name Class
First Cheung Tin Chun Gavin F. 1E
Second Siu Ming Kit Benjamin F. 1E
Third Kwan Tsz Fung F. 1E
Fourth Ho Cheuk Yiu F. 1E
Fifth Tse Man Hon Matthew F. 1C

Form 2

Rank Name Class
First So Yat Hin Edwin F. 2E
Second Wong Ching Hin F. 2E
Third Chow Leong Yu Michael F. 2E
Fourth Nguy Chi Hang F. 2E
Fifth Hung Ling Lung F. 2E

Form 3

Rank Name Class
First Lau Chi Ho F. 3E
Second Hung Sze Lok Remy F. 3E
Third Lee Koon Ting Victor F. 3E
Fourth To Yick Ting Justin F. 3E
Fifth Chen Lok Yan F. 3E

Form 4 Arts Stream

Rank Name Class
First Chan Kwan Yau F. 4A
Second Wong Wing Hay F. 4B
Third Kwong Chi Hong F. 4B
Fourth Tse Wing Hin F. 4B
Fifth Cheung Tze Wai Ken F. 4B

Form 4 Science Stream

Rank Name Class
First Lau Chun Bong F. 4E
Second Wong Chun Lok Andrew F. 4E
Third Wu Kai Yuen Wallace F. 4E
Fourth Li Man Hin Desmond F. 4E
Fifth Johnwell Chu F. 4D

Form 6 Arts Stream

Rank Name Class
First Siu Chun Ho F. 6A
Second Chan Kar Lun F. 6A
Third Leung Wai Bong F. 6A

Form 6 Mathematics Stream

Rank Name Class
First Wong Weng Tong F. 6B
Second Choi Pak Sing F. 6B
Third Au Wai Hung F. 6B

Form 6 Biology Stream

Rank Name Class
First Luk Ting Hin F. 6C
Second Tse Chi Hon James F. 6C
Third Leung Sai Chau F. 6C

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