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@ About Green and White Online

Green & White Online was originally an alumni contact list for the old boys of St. Joseph's College, set up by a group of voluntary IT frontiers. After years of improvement and development, it now provides information about the school and interactive Internet services to Josephians. Green and White Online is non-profit-making and non-commercial. It is maintained by the Web Publishing Board, St. Joseph's College and has been supported by volunteers -- students and teachers, as well as the Computer Department of St. Joseph's College.

Because of arrangements from our Teacher-In-Charge, Mr. K.K. Ip, we are now a part of the IT team. The main aim of this is to share designing methods and techniques between each other so as to improve the quality of this website.

@ Mission

We bear in mind the unfaltering mission:

To cultivate a Web culture inside our school;
   To enable Josephians' access to daily school life via the Internet;
      To benefit Josephians by sharing their activities and experiences;
         To promote St. Joseph's College all over Hong Kong and the world; and

            To provide information to all Old Boys of St. Joseph's College around the globe.  


@ Note to Publishers
@ We enjoy having our website mentioned in print. We would be most willing to be informed that this site has been published. If possible, we would like a copy of the publication so we can add it to our portfolio.
@ Special Thanks

A sincere word of thanks goes to our Supervisor, Rev. Brother Thomas, Principal Mr. C.H. Leung, and Vice-Principals Mr. Peter Ip and Mr. Chris Chan, who constantly give us advice and support in maintaining Green & White Online. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Mr. K. K. Ip, Teacher Advisor of the Web Publishing Board, and also Mr. C. K. Tse, who have both been granting us unfailing support since our establishment. Besides, we still have many to thank, as so many teachers, old boys and present students have given us invaluable advice -- thank you all!

We are most grateful to those who visit our site. Without your support and suggestions, we can hardly have achieved anything. Please visit again in the near future, and feel free to provide us with any advice.

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