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@ Web Publishing Board 2004-2005

Cabinet of 9th Web Publishing Board

  Executive Committee
System Administrator/Team Leader
Terrence Mak F. 6C
Thomas Li F. 4E
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Kelvin Lo F. 4C
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Victor Leung F. 4D
Chief Web Designer
Gordon Ho F. 4C
Chief Reporter
Samuel Hui F. 4E
Chief Photographer
Andrew Wong F. 4A
@ General Committee
Vince Yeung F. 4C
Gary Ng F. 4E
Patrick Fok F. 4E
Justin Paul Ismail F. 2A
Francis Wong F. 3E
Jeffrey Lam F. 4E
Kenneth Hui F. 4E
Isaac Tong F. 4D
Jimmy Law F. 4E
Alvin Law F. 4D
Kenson Tong F. 4D
Kenneth Chak F. 4C
@ Teacher Advisor
Teacher Advisor
Mr K. K. Ip
Who We Are
Written by Michael Chim, Simon Lam and Alexander Sze
Extracted from Green & White Magazine 1997
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@ Web Publishing Board is a board set up on 12th January, 1997. Its function is to maintain the official SJC website, currently known as Green & White Online. Because of the need to maintain our site in the most efficient way, our board has been set up as an independent organisation rather than as a section of other clubs or boards.
@ With the help of the powerful features of the Internet, we provide Josephians and visitors around the world with the latest information about our school, and we endeavor to provide various means of communications for Josephians who are apart from each other. Imagine, with a click of a button, a Josephian on the other side of the globe can know what is happening right now, right here in St. Joseph's, and Josephians all over the world can keep in contact with one another efficiently.

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