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(Last Updated: 30/1/2005)

Mr. C. H. Leung

Mr. Peter Ip

Mr. Chris Chan

Miss Keung Yuk Chong
Careers Mistress

Mrs Regina Wong
Counseling Mistress

Mr. Robert Ng
Discipline Master

Mr. W. K. Wu
Sports Master

Eighty three staff members work at St. Joseph's College. Twenty nine women and fifty-four men. The staff includes a principal, two vice principals, fifty classroom teachers, a careers mistress, a discipline master, a counselling mistress, a sports master, a librarian and two music teachers. In addition, there are three laboratory technicians, one secretary, five clerical personnel, a part-time social worker, twelve janitor staff and 2 IT technicians.


There are many non-teaching staff, like administrative staff, laboratory assistants and the janitorial staff.

View the staff list for female teachers, male teachers.

Rev. Brother Thomas


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