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@ School Counseling
The School Counseling Team

Mrs. R. Wong (Counseling Mistress)

Mrs. S. Chan

Mr. T. Wong

Mr. Wong, School Social Worker


@ Aims and Objectives

1.     Promoting and developing the Whole School Approach to Guidance in collaboration with all the school personnel.

2.     Providing individual or group counseling for students with less severe problems in learning, conduct, emotion of family etc.

3.     Making referral of student cases to the SSW or making outward referral if required.

4.     Organizing programmes for students (such as the Peer Counseling Scheme, Leadership Training Camp and ABC Training Camp) and their parents. This includes orientation programmes for new students and their parents, mass programmes on self-understanding and self-esteem and so on.

@ Peer Counseling Scheme

(By Kelvin Lo, 2004)

The School Counseling Team will co-ordinate with the School Social Worker and other functional teams within the school in launching guidance programmes for students. Parents and teachers will also in handling student cases.

In order to let Form One students to adopt the new environment, a student-counselling scheme is being carried out. Our Counselling Mistress, Mrs. Regina Wong, is in-charge of the scheme, together with our social worker, Mr. Wong and other discipline counselling teachers. 40 Form Two students will be selected for the Student Counsellors. A training day will also be held during the last days of the summer vacation.

The training will introduce the duty of a Student Counsellor. Through games, examples and experience sharing by the former counsellors, the becoming counsellors will learn the correct response and attitude to the problems that their targets are facing.

Each Student Counsellor will be in charge for four to five Form One students. On the first Religious Studies of the F1 boys, Mrs. Regina Wong will lead them to the new hall. In the hall, the counsellors will have to introduce themselves and briefly outline the highlights of their first academic year. In addition, the counsellors will also introduce the majority of the teachers as the F1 boys do not know who they are.

After the introducing session, the counsellors will have to maintain contact with their students. A contact list will be given to the counsellors, also, the counsellor should give their contacts to the Form One students. They will not meet only once, but also during school-time or even after school to talk about their incidents.

Though the scheme is said to end after the school year, the counsellors and the students actually will not end their contact since they have become friends by that time. Through these years, the adaptability of the new F1 boys has increased significantly, thus it shows the accomplishment of the scheme to the new members of our SJC family.

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