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¡@ School Profile 03-04
¡@ Sponsoring Body

We owe gratitude to The Brothers of the Christian School (De La Salle Brothers).
Further information can be found at http://www.lasalle.org.

¡@ School grounds

St. Joseph's College is comprised of three buildings, namely the Old Building, the Chapel Block and the New Building. The Old Building was erected in 1920, the Chapel Block was established in 1925 and the New Building which was opened in 1963 by Governor Sir Robert Black. In 1968, in order to admit more students, the primary section was transferred to an independent establishment at 48, Wood Road, Wanchai. In 1974, St. Joseph's Kindergarten was established on the top floor of the Primary School Building. After years of expansion, St. Joseph's College now provides education for about 4,200 students in the Kindergarten, Primary and College.

¡@ Staff

81 staff members, 30 women and 51 men, work at St. Joseph's College. The staff include a principal, 2 vice principals, 50 classroom teachers, a careers mistress, a discipline master, a counseling mistress, a sports master, a librarian and 2 music teachers. In addition, there are 3 laboratory technicians, 1 secretary, 4 clerical personnel, a full-time social worker, a learning centre technician, a technical support technician, a curriculum development technician and 10 janitor staff.

¡@ Student Population
The school enrollment here in St. Joseph's College is about 1208. Generally speaking, the students of St. Joseph's College are mainly Chinese with a minority of other races. The age range of the students is between 12 to 19 years old and the average class size for F.1-F.5 and F.6-F.7 are 41 and 29 respectively.
¡@ Qualifications od Principal and Teachers
87.9 % of them possess a bachelor¡¦s degree.
17.2 % of them have higher degrees.
91.4 % of them were formally trained in teaching.
87.5 % of the lessons were taught by subject-trained teachers.
¡@ Teaching Experience
1-2 years: 4
3-5 years: 3
6-10 years: 13
11-15 years: 10
Over 15 years: 29
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