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ˇ@ Information Technology

Information Technology

ˇ@ To reinforce the usage of I.T. (information technology), our school had been putting great resources in the recent years. At present, our school consists of a Junior Computer Room, a Senior Computer Room, a MMLC (Multi-Media Learning Centre) and a number of IT-workstations including computers within each classrooms. Web Publishing Board is set up to update the school official websites. Later, IT-Team set up to further allow students to manage computer administration.

The MMLC was in use since the academic year 2000-2001. Locating on the third floor of the old building, this special room is capable to accommodate almost 50 students. Moreover, the MMLC has been equipped with a number of personal desktops and various (AV) audio-visual instruments for the enhancement of effective teaching. Since its erection, teachers use the MMLC to teach different subjects with computer graphics, Internet resources and the AV equipments.

The IT-Team (Information Technology Promotion Team) was established in 2003. The team consists of the executive committees and the IT-prefects elected by the class. This team ensures these workstations are in good use and maintains the condition of them. They will warn students who misuse computers in schools campus or in severe case, ban the accounts of students permitted by the school IT Committee.

The Web Publishing Board was founded in 1997. The main mission of the Web Publishing Board is to maintain and update the Greenandwhite Online with the schoolsˇ¦ latest news. They have reporters, photographers and web designers for constantly renew the page.

The Greenandwhite.Net provided a place for students to gather, not face-to-face, but through the forum or the e-mail service in the website. New students will be given an account in the beginning of the academic year. Once you have the account, you can login to the Greenandwhite.Net during the whole day. Thus, students can contact each other not only in schooldays, but also in their leisure time. They are monitored by school system administrators and developed by Josephians, which in later turned to be the IT-Team.

In the year 2003, the school has installed IT-workstations for students to login to the Internet during recess, lunchtime or even after school. Therefore, students can login to Internet anytime. Due to the enormous usage, this year, the school decides to increase the number of these workstations.

As information technology advances in anytime, the computers of the Junior and Senior Computer Room cannot satisfy the requirements of the present teaching. Consequently, the school upgraded these desktops by replacing all of them during the summer vacation so that the students can learn more effectively.

In this year, Web Publishing Board and IT Team has joined together to concentrate the resources and technology to further develope new IT Technology for Josephians.

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