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@ Josephian Spirit
@ School Motto
@ Our College is named after Saint Joseph. Our school motto, "LABORE ET VIRTUTE" -- Work and Virtue -- sums up the life of this great Saint. He was a workingman, a carpenter by trade and his virtue made him worthy to be the foster-father of Christ. This motto expresses the spirit of our school too. It is by hard work and virtue that a Josephian shall make a success of his life and so remain true to the best traditions of our College.

Established since 1875

@ School Spirit

We belong to a school with old and noble traditions. The Christian Brothers and their devoted school staff are willing to give the students of their best. It is their wish that we pass on to future pupils of St. Joseph's College the spirit we have inherited.

School Spirit can be seen in loyalty to God, commitment to school duties and care and concern for others. Good practices that illustrate the School Spirit include: punctuality; respect for your teachers and schoolmates; personal discipline in behaviour and dress; obedience; honesty; and good sportsmanship.

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