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ˇ@ Medium of Instruction
EMI school

Our school, Saint Josephˇ¦s College, is an EMI (English Medium of Instruction) school, and English will be the major teaching language in school.

Aid for students
With the purpose of giving aid to these students, the school will run a summer tuition course for Form One students. The main intention group of this course are those who have a weaker foundation in English. After the F1 registration, parents can register this course for their children, together with Mathematics.

However, due to the limited seats, some of the new students may not be able to attend the course. To solve this problem, there are remedial classes of Chinese, English and Mathematics. Pupils who are not doing well in the placement test will be placed to the remedial classes. The remedial class will contain at most 15 students. They will have their lessons in the remedial room of the school. As there are fewer students, teachers can observe the studentsˇ¦ progress of learning and focus on their weaknesses.

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