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@ Mission Statement
@ General Information
@ St. Joseph's College has undergone many changes since its establishment in 1875. Our College is now one of the most prestigious schools on Hong Kong and this is reflected by our strengths in both academic and extra-curricular circles.

Currently, a total of almost 4200 students are studying in the kindergarten, primary and secondary sections. A wide range of subjects are taught in St. Joseph's including both arts and science. Travel & Tourism has also been introduced for Form Four students. In order to raise students' awareness in business, a new subject is introduced to Form 1 students. Also, a moral and civic education programme and reading lessons is also added for all forms as well.

Academically, Josephians have consistently scored outstanding results in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) and Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE). We have a high university entrance rate and a number of our students have also gone on to top universities around the world.

Over the years, St. Joseph's College has built up a strong reputation in extra-curricular circles. Our students regularly participate in inter-school sports competitions and have achieved encouraging results. A number of them have also served in inter-school organizations and some have even represented Hong Kong in such events as the International Olympiad in Informatics and the Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation Seminars.

Our College's architecture is an interesting combination of traditional European and modern styles. The Old Building, constructed in 1920, houses the Form 1 to 3 classrooms as well as the Form 4 & 5 art stream classrooms. The Chapel Block on the west side houses the Old Hall, the Music Room, the Science Laboratories, the Lecture Room and the School Chapel. The New Building, which replaced the original Club Germania on the site, houses the Form 4 & 5 science stream classrooms as well as all Form 6 & 7 classrooms. The Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories as well as the library and both junior and senior computer rooms are located in this building. The New Hall is also part of this structure. Our primary and kindergarten sections now occupy their own premises in Wood Road, Wan Chai.

Our school was one of the first institutions in Hong Kong to participate in the School Management Initiative (SMI) in 1991. The St. Joseph's College Parent-Teacher Association has been set up with the aim of fostering better communication between parents and school, and also to improve the welfare of students.

St. Joseph's College has grown from one with only a handful of students to one of the largest and most distinguished educational institutions in Hong Kong. With the continuing dedications of the staff and hard work of the students, our College will surely be a leader in the years yet to come.

@ Mission Statement
@ The mission of St. Joseph's College is to educate students in areas of intellectual; physical, social, moral and emotional development. This process will take place in an environment conductive to learning in the context of interaction between staff and students.

We believe that in co-operation with parents we work to form the minds and characters of students and become transformed on the process as teacher and student help each others grow as persons.

We believe that students must learn how to learn as they need to teach themselves after leaving school.

We believe that success in school means more that good examination results. It means learning how to live as well as how to make a living.

Our mission is successful when our students:

- Love their country, develop their talents and appreciate their culture.
- Understand and accept themselves and others .
- Think logically and critically and express themselves effectively .
- Clearly know what they believe and why they believe.
- Maintain physical fitness and mental health - avoiding excesses and abuse.
- Possess social awareness and a sense of responsibility for the common good.

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