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¡@ Prefects Board
¡@ The Prefects

Rank Name Class
Head Prefect Roger Phang L. 6A
Senior Prefect Chester Kwok L. 6A
Senior Prefect Patrick Yiu L. 6A
Senior Prefect Simon Yu L. 6A
Senior Prefect Sunny Wong L. 6A
Senior Prefect Ted Hui L. 6A
Senior Prefect Elwin Tang L. 6B
Senior Prefect Wilson Lai L. 6B


Rank Name Class
School Prefect Andy Luk F. 4D
School Prefect Kelvin Law F. 4D
School Prefect Kenneth Siu F. 4D
School Prefect Law Yue Ting F. 4D
School Prefect Michael Kwan F. 4D
School Prefect Stephen Law F. 4D
School Prefect Victor See F. 4D
School Prefect Elliott Woo F. 4E
School Prefect Himson Tam F. 4E
School Prefect Jeffrey Lam F. 4E
School Prefect Thomas Li F. 4E
School Prefect Willie Pak F. 4E
¡@ Basic Structure

The Prefects¡¦ Board consists of the Head Prefect, 7 Senior Prefects, 12 School Prefects as well as 2 Class Prefects from each class. It is an individual sector of the Students¡¦ Union, i.e. meetings, decisions and duties carried out by the Prefects¡¦ Board do not need to be approved by the Students¡¦ Union. The Board is led by the Head Prefect in cooperation with the Discipline Master and discipline teachers.

  • The Head Prefect is part of the Students¡¦ Union, selected during the formation of the Students' Union Executive Committee.

  • 7 Senior Prefects are Form 6 students chosen by the Head Prefect to assist him in maintaining discipline inside and outside the school.

  • 12 School Prefects are selected by the Head Prefect among Form 4 students. They will mainly be in charge of discipline within the school.

  • 2 Class Prefects will be selected from each class. The form teacher will choose these students and hand in their names to the school office on or before the second week of September. They are in charge of discipline inside classrooms.

¡@ Duties of Prefects

All Prefects are in charge of maintaining discipline. Different Prefects have different roles and authority. Actions carried out by Prefects MUST be just, fair, reasonable and comply with the Statement of Prefects¡¦ Authority. Prefects must not be rude, and should approach students who¡¦ve offended school rules in a friendly way. If certain students disrespect any Prefect, this should be recorded down or reported to the Head Prefect. The Head Prefect will handle these situations, but if the seriousness of offence exceeds a certain limit, the Discipline Master will be informed.

Prefects are to be role models for other students to follow. The Guidelines of School Discipline gives detailed information of every student¡¦s proper manner and appearance. Prefects themselves must abide these rules and regulations, otherwise they will also risk punishment. When daily duties are assigned, Prefects must carry out their jobs. If a Prefect can¡¦t be present on certain occasions, he should inform the Head Prefect so that replacement can be made as soon as possible.

¡@ Other  Information

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